In My Imagination, I Was Already Here


Opening reception: Friday, October 26, 6 pm – 9 pm
Exhibition dates & times: October 27th & 28th, 12 – 6 pm

Flux Factory is pleased to present a two-person exhibition of returning Artists-in-Residence, Cecilia Enberg and Christina Helena Romirer.

In My Imagination, I Was Already Here focuses on the city, its patterns, and grids. The exhibition title refers to a quote from Jean Baudrillard’s America: “I was here in my imagination long before I actually came here.” A phenomenon that is especially connected to New York City, we explore the scene precisely before setting it.

New York is so much more than Manhattan. It is more that its buildings and bridges, of which we all have prefabricated images. Even if we’ve never visited, we have a sense of the city from photographs, postcards, and movies. New York is the transit system, flashing lights, dust, hidden street corners, signs, crowds, changing neighborhoods, and stories heard while wandering.

The city operates in so many layers. What shapes a city, a place, or a neighborhood? What can be defined as a landmark? How do people chose their daily commutes? Cecilia Enberg’s and Christina Helena Romirer’s works focus on answering these questions, discovering and exploring the hidden places of the metropolis. They will show their own views, impressions, and investigations of the city through drawing maps and developing patterns.

About the artists: Cecilia Enberg and Christina Helena Romirer met in January 2011, when they both arrived in New York City to participate in Flux Factory’s Artist-in-Residence program.

Cecilia Enberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a B.Sc in Multimedia and is a member of KKV Nacka, an artist-run workshop in Stockholm. Enberg is interested in the junction between new technology and traditional craftsmanship and works in various media, such as printmaking, needlework, and photography. Christina Helena Romirer in an artist and scenographer based in Austria. Her work often deals with spaces and ambiences that enlace small details not obviously shown at the first glance. She works in media such as space installation, photography, large scale prints, and sculpture.


This exhibition is made possible, in part, with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Norrbottenssalongen 2012

Jag deltar med två verk, Mixtape och The Braid, i årets Norrbottens salong.

International Triennial of Contemporary Graphic Arts


Jag deltar med tre grafiska blad i den svenska salongen i Grafiktriennalen i Novosibirsk, Ryssland. Utställningen pågår 7 September – 28 Oktober 2012.
Novosibirsk state art museum

Utställning Grafiska Sällskapet

25/2 – 14/3 2012

Vernissage lördag 25 februari kl 12-16

Artists' Books

Grafiska Sällskapets Galleri

Hornsgatan 6, tel:08-6438804

Öppet: ti-to 12-18, fr-sö 12-16


Rubus Articus 2011

Norrbottens läns landsting har idag delat ut årets kulturstipendier Rubus Arcticus på 100 000 kronor till musikern Pia-Karin Helsing, dansaren Lisa Hennix samt konstnärerna Klas Hellerstrand och Cecilia Enberg. Heders- och förtjänststipendiet på 50 000 kronor gick till fotograf Bert Persson och Idrottsstipendiet på 50 000 kronor till konståkaren Alexander Majorov.

Cecilia Enberg, konst, Hägersten

Cecilia Enberg är en klassisk konstnär i ständig utveckling och utforskning av konstens tekniker, möjligheter och betydelser. Hon är tidstypisk i sin internationella attityd och är genuint gränslös i sitt sökande efter nya impulser och tankebanor. Resultatets spännvidd uttrycks i allt från textil och foto till teckningar och broderi.

Vi önskar Cecilia Enberg lycka till med fortsatt skapande och engagemang och hoppas att stipendiet Rubus Arcticus ska bli till nytta och glädje!



Artikel i NSD

Fill in Your Own Story – Start Here:

Raketa besöker Greater Than One

Del av Congress of the Collectives

Congress of Collectives

Deltar med
Raketa i Congress of Collectives

Congress of Collectives is designed to unite collectives, individuals who choose to work collaboratively, and audience members. The three week-long series of events will examine the many forms of collaboration, participation, and self-organization and will provide a platform to generate new works, discussions, and enduring relationships. Congress of Collectives will include formal programming such as panels, talks, screenings, and performances, and informal programing, including dinners, impromptu discussions and actions.

Initiated by Flux Factory, the Congress has been planned and developed collaboratively by artists, city planners, architects, arts administrators, film makers, and activists representing over 24 collectives from the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

With Flux Factory in Long Island City as the central hub, the Congress’ many events and projects will also take place in various venues including Creative Time’s ‘Living As Form’ project space at the Essex Street Market (Manhattan), Silvershed (Manhattan), Union Docs (Brooklyn), NurtureArt (Brooklyn) and Bronx River Art Center (Bronx).

Participants: AAS (UK), Action Club (US), Bhome (US), Birds’ Ear View (UK/US), Brolab (US), Bronx River Art Center (US), BROODWORK (US), DePave (US), DoTank:Brooklyn (US), Flux Factory (US), Gaengeviertel (DE), Ghana Think Tank (US), Hotel Bar Club (US), Makan (JO), Meow Wolf (US), Openhagen (DK), Paper Tiger Television (US), Parfyme (DK/NO/US), Pie Lab (US), Play Lab (US), Raketa (SE), Reactor (UK), Red Channels (US), Silvershed (US), Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) (US), Spaceship (IL), SP Weather Station (US), Street Plans (US), The Work Office (US), Tomorrow Lab (US), Union Docs, and Urban Layers (US), Voina (RU), Wooloo (DK). Curated by Douglas Paulson & Christina Vassallo, organized by Summer Guthery.

Grafikstafett på Grafiska Sällskapet

Jag deltar i medlemsutställning med
Örnsköldsviks kollektivverkstadGrafiska Sällskapet

Utställning Örnsköldsviks Museum och konsthall

Grafik stipendiat 2009.
7 maj - 28 maj

rnsköldsviks Museum och Konsthall

In progress

Patchwork quilt made of plastic bags.

Democratic Working Title for Now

March 4-6, 2011
Open hours: Friday-Sunday, 12-7 pm



Flux Factory is proud to present Democratic Working Title for Now, an exhibition of new works by Flux artists-in-residence in conjunction with Long Island City’s Armory Arts Day. Self-curated by the Flux collective, participants create their own “studios” in which to exhibit their work. This is the first show featuring only in-house artists to be held at our new and wonderful building. An open artists collective, Flux is proud to present a variety of works, including painting, video, drawing, conceptual, and multi-media art. True to its name, Democratic Working Title for Now reflects the immediacy of Flux Factory as a constantly-changing group, with artists constantly coming in and out of its doors.

Live performances throughout the day on Friday, March 4.

Participating Artists: Marion Arnaud, Man Bartlett, Cecilia Enberg, Hannah Heilmann, Shane Heinemeier, Wieteke Heldens, Jaime Iglehart, Anna Lundh, Shawna McLeod, Georgia Muenster, Nick Normal, Matthew-Robin Nye, Adrian Owen, Douglas Paulson, Christina Helena Romirer, Alison Ward, and Angela Washko.

Photo by Kyu Park.

Fluxer, Participating Artist, Present

Cecilia Enberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a B.Sc in Multimedia and is a member of KKV Nacka; an artist run workshop in Stockholm. Cecilia is interested in the junction between new technology and traditional craftsmanship, and she works in various media, such as printmaking, needlework, and photography. Another format close to Cecilia’s heart is the Artists’ books – both as a container for words and/or images, and as a physical object.

Cecilia explores the similarities between recurring everyday events and decorative patterns: “The things we do everyday create patterns in our lives. We seem to have a need to organize and structure our reality, as an attempt to make sense of it. Patterns give us meaning. To understand is to see patterns!”

Flux Factory


Flux Factory

Idag är första dagen på mitt drygt två månader vistelsestipendium på
Flux Factory i New York.

The mission of Flux Factory is to support innovative and collaborative art works. It is thus primarily an incubation and laboratory space for works that are in dialogue with the physical, social, and cultural space of New York City (though collaborations may start in New York and stretch far beyond). The goal of the Flux art collective is to create a forum where Flux artists can collaborate with each other as well as others in an experimental lab that produces new works. These new works force participants to work with people they’ve never worked with before, or with unfamiliar media, or formal constraints. Flux Factory supports work that reflects upon and alters public space in dynamic ways. Flux Factory is also a public and community space in itself. It provides a computer center, darkroom, performance space, musical recording space, publishing equipment, and a weekly Thursday night dinner and salon that has become a well-known venue for artists and intellectuals to present both finished pieces and, more importantly, works-in-progress.

Flux Factory
39-31 29 th St
Long Island City
NY 11101

New York 2010 Half-frame Part VII

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part VI

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part V

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part IV

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part III

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part II

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

New York 2010 Half-frame Part I

Olympus PEN EE-3 Half-frame Camera (1973-1983)

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